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Security Tech Staffing Service

Security Logistics’ flexible security technician staffing services are designed to fit your business needs. Should your company experience the cyclical ups and downs of doing business, Security Logistics can help you effectively manage your staffing by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to fulfill your long term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based or temporary staffing needs.


The security industry in Virginia is unique with strict regulations requiring fingerprinting, extensive background checks and mandated training. Properly Registering employee technicians carries considerable cost. In these troubled economic times, many firms have decided to forgo the expense of hiring, training and properly registering new technicians for what may turn out to be only a short term need. Such as until that big project is completed, or during the downtime until the next contract is awarded. Why pay the expense of employee benefits packages or unemployment unnecessarily? As your workforce need grows, Security Logistics' staffing services can provide an added level of support through our managed security staffing service program.


How does Security Logistics distinguish our staffing services from competitors? The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice's regulations that every electronic security firm must follow makes the use of standard temporary staffing agencies nearly impossible. All of our security technicians are fully insured and 100% compliant and Registered with the DCJS. It’s the value we provide to our customers time and time again. From the strong relationships we develop to the successful staffing programs we’ve implemented, Security Logistics continually strives to provide best in class staffing services.


Contact us today; we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

Video Intercom

Intercom and public address systems give warehouses, retail stores and fabrication plants the ability to page an employee or announce a weather emergency. Security Logistics designs, supplies, installs, and services intercoms and PA systems to companies of all sizes who operate in large outdoor and indoor spaces. Whatever your need, whether it's video intercom accessories, amplifiers for your PA system and speakers, along with handheld communication devices like megaphones for crowd management, and a wireless call box for gated secure areas. All of these intercom and speakers systems can be designed for your business. Unsure what you need? One of our design consultants will be happy to guide you through the entire process from product selection through system installation and application training.


Contact us today if we can install a new Intercom for you or if you are having trouble with your existing system.

Structred Cabling

Cabling is the digital plumbing for your home or business. The cabling upgrades the typical one run of telephone or television cable access and allows for flexibility within the entire structure. In essence, wiring your business for today's technology and tomorrow’s advancements in technology.


Structured cabling and wiring provides an organized method and ease of use for the present and future for any changes or additions to your Internet, Telephone and Audio & Video connections. Connection color-coding, along with provided documentation takes the frustration out of future changes. All cabling and layout is done in accordance with the TIA-568A/B wiring standards.


Security Logistics designs, installs and documents the entire system. From start to finish, we handle all your needs from cabling to components. This provides you with ease of use.


Trusted Installation:


There is a lot more to cabling system performance than just buying good quality cable and connecting hardware. In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered. With Security Logistics’ experienced installers, you can rest assured your structured cabling system will be installed correctly—the first time.


Contact us today and let one of our experienced consultants assist you in designing a cabling system that can grow with your business needs.

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