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Security Logistics is an Electronic Security Business specializing in the installation and service of Close Circuit Television Surveillance equipment, Access Control, Intrusion Detect​ion, Intercom and Custom Media. We install basically any low voltage electronics, including Cabling and device and panel termination.  One of the fastest growing segments of our business has been the  Staffing Services we've provided to our partners in the security industry. These staffing relationships consist of subcontracting on an as needed basis and long term tem​porary technician placement.

Headquartered in Mechanicsville, Virginia; Security Logistics a Virginia Limited Liability Company is licensed by the State Corporation Commission of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice and the Virginia State Contractors Board. We service the entire state of Virginia. We are fully insured and all of our technicians are 100% compliant and Registered with the Virginia DCJS.

So why Security Logistics? Doesn't "logistics" have something to do with shipping? In some cases yes, but logistics has many meanings. We define it as the following:

Logistics : / Lo-gis-tics / noun - The science of planning and implementing the

acquisition and use of the resources necessary to sustain the operation of a system.

We feel our name states perfectly, who we are and what we intend to provide to our customers, logitistical services for all of their electronic security requirements through all phases, from planning to operation including service and maintenance.

Our management team which combined has nearly three decades of experience, made the leap from skilled technicians to small business owners despite the difficult economy. We recognized that there was an opportunity in the Virginia market for a security firm that is both innovative and responsive to our customers ever changing needs. And while we've met with a measure of success, we continue to strive to maintain our excellent quality service while expanding our client base.

We continue to maintain our commitment to be there whenever and wherever our customers need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients do not wait weeks or even days for us to arrive, as we guarantee we'll be on site within 4 hours of getting your call.

Our knowledgeable technicians have worked in a variety of government facilities including correctional institutions, schools, courthouses, sheriff and police stations, even the Virginia Governor's mansion. They've also provided services to many private sector facilities such as hospitals, malls, and office buildings. We've worked with all size companies from large corporations to small mom and pops. We've also provide services to private residential homes.



Are the core values that makes Security Logistics the first and last call our clients will have to make for all of their industrial security needs.


Our Mission:

■   Security Logistics' mission is to use our extensive electronic security experience to deliver tangible results and reliable service to our clients in industry, the general public and  government enabling them to minimize downtime and cost.

■    We will do this while maintaining our integrity and professionalism in all business relationships, and while fostering the highest safety standards.

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